Adoption of Innovation in Individual/Personal Well-Being Segment

The following is how I understand innovation to be adopted in the personal well-being market.  Based on an interview with expert, Paola Ardiles, who is a founder of the Bridge for Health co-op and a SFU lecturer and Adjunct professor focusing on Health Promotion in Canada. Paola is immensely involved in many different aspects of mental health in BC and provided insight into a lot of programs being developed including her own business Bridge for Health.

Paola described the adoption of a smartphone application into the individuals market to be a difficult task as there are so many alternatives. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to put me in direct contact with an innovator but has an idea of a co-workers son who may be ideal. The most informative part of our discussion focused around the chasm and that because of the many substitutes available she suggested Perked needs to partner with a trusted organization such as the Canadian Mental Health Association or BC Medical Association. Not only does this give them the ability to reach out to a broader market through the already established connections, but more importantly it gives them credibility in the market. Once over the chasm she suggested marketing targeted at the millennial population, getting on the top 10 health and fitness apps would greatly increase users.

The figure below demonstrates the stages of adoption, each segment is profiled in more detail in the table that follows

crossing the chasm

** Innovator



Disposable income:



Decision making: Quick because it is free and new Likes: applications and development, self-improvement

Dislikes: Unintuitive layout, Freemium applications



Media consumption: App stores, Online Forums including app review sites, “App of the day”

Relevant Behavior:

App reviewer, personal blog, own app development


Technology landscape: familiar with applications and development

Influences: Experience in high stress environment

Buying process: Impulsive

Early Adopter

Name: Paola Ardiles


Disposable income:

Employment: SFU Lecturer, Bridge for Health Founder


Decision making: Wants to see initial data and implementation

Likes: Health promotion in the workplace

Dislikes: Bad user experience, added stress on users


Media Consumption: Through colleagues or being contacted directly


Technology Landscape:

Uses other applications, employs technology in other aspects of work to improve health



Buying process: Wants to try first

** Early Majority



Disposable Income:



Decision making: wants to see good customer reviews on the app stores with lots of downloads

Likes: self-improvement, fitness, wellness

Dislikes: added stress, unintuitive interface, unfinished or bad quality. If the app is bad they will uninstall it before it is fixed


Media Consumption:

Facebook, App Store suggestions, Friends, Fitness Communities (Yoga Classes)

Research Habits: Online reviews


Technology Landscape: Tries new applications, frequently uses them

Influences: Friends in classes (yoga), instructors, councilors

Buying Process: Online research, then buy from app store

** Indicates an Assumption


I was unable to get in contact with any technology enthusiast for now. I have requested to get the original feedback and information of customers Perked! has already contacted and given the application to. The assumptions I made were based off of the adoption of other apps, it is a rather common practice and research on sites like About Tech provide articles like “How to promote your app on a shoestring budget” ( I was also unable to contact any early majority users so my assumptions were based off of competitor adoptions. Specifically those who partnered with large organizations. Mindshift was created by anxiety BC and was a useful metric to base my assumptions off of. I will be in contact with the Canadian mental health association in the coming weeks to verify these.


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