The impact of mental health disorders on the healthcare industry

Anxiety and mental health disorders have been shown to be widespread in the North American healthcare sector. Research has shown that the prevalence of mental health disorders cause costs on the patient, society and the health care sector. These costs are largely driven by the need for specialty sectors that deal with patients with mental health issues, therefore mental health disorders can be seen to be a dominant cost driver in the healthcare industry.

Canada has seen an increase in the use of antidepressants, especially in males under the age of 35. There has also been a rise in the frequency of mental disorder consultations and a rise in the frequency of visits to mental healthcare workers. This indicates that the need for mental health treatment in Canada is on the rise; this demand will put pressure on the healthcare system.

Many mental health-screening tools are offered online for free in Canada, however these services do not provide online treatment. There is a need for an easy to use online tool which can help deal with the effects of mental health disorders.

Perked! would provide a service which could alleviate the pressure on the healthcare industry. It would help divert costs that impact the patient and the health care industry, and hopefully provide an alternative to the use of antidepressants. Perked! also improves the accessibility of treatment for mental health issues via its easy to use app.



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